A Timely Reminder

Scrolling through Facebook, I see those memory posts pop up.  Sometimes they make me smile.  Sometimes they make me wistful. 

This one stopped me in my tracks.

I still remember that neurocognitive assessment — the first one I’d ever had. Two days of putting my injured brain through its paces, having to push it to the point of failure so we would know what was impaired, and to what extent.

It was as difficult emotionally as it was mentally. But even on the drive home — feeling nauseous, dizzy, and with the left side of my head pulsing like it was visibly “breathing” — I was hopeful. So, so hopeful that the rehab centre was going to help me.

And they did.

Hey, Brain. Sometimes I only notice the continued deficits. But this Facebook Memory reminded me: You’ve come a long way, baby.  ❤️

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  • I’m so glad that I get to enjoy your company, and I’m thankful for therapists and experts who do such important work. Progress means a lot when looking where we’ve come from instead of how far there is still to go.

    • I am so glad I get to enjoy your company too. Without the TBI team at the rehab centre, I’m not sure I would have regained the ability to read books. My brain kept trying to interpret each page as a black and white picture, instead of text.

      At the same time, without the accident, I wouldn’t have found myself at Walden, wouldn’t have started following Christie on Instagram, and wouldn’t have found Teach Write. So without the accident, I would never have met you!