Writing Resolutions for 2022

Tonight, in TeachWrite’s Time to Write Zoom gathering, it was announced that the January Challenge was to post our 2022 Writing Resolutions, and that caused me to really think.

You know, I have been putting words down on paper since I was eight years old (Thank you, Mrs. Reece, for the encouragement!), and I don’t think I have ever made resolutions about my writing.

It’s about time that I did.

(Of course, when I went to load the photo, I noticed that I was so excited to write my “h’ — my favourite fauxligraphy letter — that I spelled “Twitch” wrong.  But one of my other resolutions is to cut back on my perfectionism, so — even though it KILLS me — I’m not redoing it!)

This year I am going to concentrate on my development as a professional writer, so a set of resolutions not only makes sense, but is practically a necessity.  I am glad that someone poked me to do it.

What about you?  What are your writing resolutions for 2022?



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