Here Comes Teddy

The wind is whipping the rain against my window, and it seems to come in waves.

As we do most Septembers, we are dealing with the remnants of a hurricane that has come up the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, hit the colder waters of the North Atlantic, and become a post-tropical mess, sending its wind and water all over the Maritimes.  Teddy is no different, and Nova Scotia is bearing the worst of it.

I like listening to the weather outside while I’m cozy inside, curled up on the bed with my dog and at least one cat, a cup of tea, and a book. (I would put the Fireplace Channel on TV, like I do for snowstorms, but ‘tis not yet the season, regardless of what the aisles in the stores would have you believe.)

In the next room, I can hear my husband playing a video came.  A second cat has just come to join me, and I notice that somehow the jar of peanut-butter-filled pretzels is now empty.  (As the only one in the room with opposable thumbs, I am baffled.)

The first day of Autumn has come, and thanks to COVID-19, I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that both spring and summer have happened.

Time has broken, as a fellow writer said this evening, and I would add that it has also folded itself up, accordion-style.  Because I certainly can’t sense that those months were ever there at all.

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  • “I would add that it has also folded itself up, accordion-style.” What a perfect description of these past months. Time seems to have certainly entered an odd realm. Maybe, hopefully soon, we will all have a new beginning, new spring, new summer, and time as we once new it will lurch back into motion.

  • Hi Karen,

    As one who lives in the mountains of Colorado I am without the experience of tropical storms. Fires, yes. Regardless. My thoughts and prayers are with any who live with any form of weather or other natural tempest.

    I was unaware of the Fireplace Channel but am all over it now. Thank you!

    We are a three-dog family (2 toy-size Australian Shepherds and one Papillion) but of late I have thought a time or two about adding a kitten.

    Your opposable thumbs remark caused a chuckle here. Hee.


  • So much I loved about this post, but this line first caught my attention: (As the only one in the room with opposable thumbs, I am baffled.)
    Time is so strange right now, I agree! I am trying to make sure I write down some major memories every so often because otherwise I am sure when I look back on this time I will remember nothing- it is all so blurry!