Morning Page(s): 26 June 2024

Each morning I write at least one page in an A5 Itoya Profolio Oasis Notebook.  This is my version of Julia Cameron’s recommended practice of writing three pages by hand first thing each morning.  I commit to doing at least one page each day, depending on how my hands are doing.

Morning Pages are meant to be a brain-dumping, a clearing of the writing machinery, to get the gunk out of the way so the “real stuff” can start flowing.  And, in their own way, Morning Pages become a genre of “real stuff”, too.  They provide an unedited, stream-of-consciousness, snapshot of what you are semi-consciously thinking, before the world gets ahold of you for the day.  Morning Pages aren’t meant to be re-read (I tend to flip back through my archive of completed notebooks), and they are never supposed to be shared.

I’m breaking that last rule with you today.  What tumbled out of my brain and hand this morning was clearly meant to be a blog post.  So here it is, word-for-word, and paragraph by paragraph, the way it came out: Continue reading