Poetry Prompt: “About _______”

About Archie

I am owned by an orange and white cat
Who, by all accounts, should be fat
He eats quite a lot
When he doesn't get caught
He really can be such a brat

The orange cat is Archie by name
He thinks scratching me is a fine game
Archies jumps on my head
Then strikes a pose on the bed
For a photo to add to his fame

I'm writing this poem while he's here
He's demanding attention, that's clear
He purrs and he rubs
I think he wants grubs
An empty dish is his one great fear.

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Karen J. McLean

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  • Archie is precious! I can see where he would be the boss. I once heard someone say: “Cats used to be worshipped as gods. Cats have not forgotten this.” Great poetry prompt.

    • I have two orange and white cats, and yes — they are something else! I have heard that there is something in the genetics that causes not only the coloration but also the personality. I believe it!