December Morning

I am blessed to live where I do — in a small city along a bay off the Atlantic Ocean.  From my driveway, I can be at any one of five beaches within ten minutes’ driving.  I can be at the edge of the mighty Saint John River within five minutes.  And within fifteen minutes, I can be in the middle of a forest where I will see very few — if any — people.

This morning, my husband, our dog, and I went for a drive.  The plan was to take some photographs and to simply see what there was to see today.  Our wanderings found us at the edge of a lake, where a thin skim of ice skirted the edges.

Have you ever heard or seen a lake “breathe”?  It is quite something.  As the water moves, it pushes against the air trapped under the ice, causing a shifting pattern of light and dark, and making a creaking noise.

In short, it is mesmerizing.  Amazing what we can witness when we take the time to sit and be present.

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  • Karen, I’m just a little bit jealous of your location, but I’m pretty happy with my southern clime as well. Your lake observations are fascinating! I’ve always loved ice (I grew up in Ohio back when ponds and lakes used to freeze over), but I’ve not experienced what you’re describing. Too cool! (No pun intended)