Stressful Day

I’m sitting in the dark, my glasses reflecting the light of the TV and the iPad screen.

I’m having what I call “a bad eye day,” when my eyes feel they’re being stabbed by hornets, and they run like Niagara Falls.  It’s another little quirk that came with my personal dosage of rheumatoid arthritis, and most of the time it’s not that bad.  But some days — like today — the least bit of light will make me feel like I’m trying to read in a car wash, sans auto.

It’s probably stress. The US election has got me in a bit of a knot, and stress tends to exacerbate autoimmune diseases.  Makes sense.  The body feels stress, thinks it’s being threatened, and it goes on the attack.  Unfortunately, in the case of autoimmune disease, the attack is on its own body.

I’m the sort of person who has to watch.  If I know what’s going on, I feel better than if I don’t.  It will probably be a late night for me.

The irony here is that I can’t even vote — I’m Canadian — but there are so many good friends in the United States, and I want them to be healthy, happy, respected, and safe.  If I haven’t recognized their country in the past four years, I can only imagine how they feel.

This is far more political than I normally get in a public space, but it’s all that fills my head and heart today.  I hope that this country to the south of me (just an hour’s drive away) comes out of this for the better.

God bless America.


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