A Slice of Cake

Today was my 51st birthday, and it was a lovely day.  It was not a “prime birthday” (because 17 times 3 is 51), but it was pretty fine just the same.  So fine, in fact, that I’m getting this post written with less than 30 minutes to midnight.

My day began with an online writing session with a dozen or so teacher-writers writing with me.  Lunchtime saw me with my besties having fried clams while sitting in Steph’s SUV.

Today, I was showered with gifts, flowers, cake, and so many good wishes on Facebook that I could barely keep up.  I was blessed with phone calls that made me smile all the way down to a molecular level.

My generous friends also helped me surpass my birthday fundraising goal of $250 CDN for The Walden Woods Project, a nonprofit near and dear to my heart.  (Psst!  Teachers: You will find free Thoreau-related resources here.)

Now I am laying in bed, tired but happy.  I feel somewhat spoiled and very loved.

This will not be the most brilliant post I’ll publish during this month-long challenge, but it may well be the most contented.

See you tomorrow — which starts for me in 11 minutes.


This post was created as part of Two Writing Teachers’ March Slice of Life Challenge.

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