1:32 AM

There is something special about being awake while the ones I love (husband, dog) are asleep beside me. In the quiet I am able to think at my own speed, to hear my own thoughts, to feel the tiny twitches as Piper chases squirrels in her sleep.

Plenty on my mind these days, with school going back in session in just three weeks. We are fortunate to not have many cases here, but I suspect that will change. As an immunocompromised substitute teacher, I am concerned about so many things — my own health, learning all the routines at various schools with the Covid-19 protocols added on top, wondering if schools will wind up closing again … The head spins.

For now I will pop in my earbuds and listen to some music, and once again send gratitude to the family members who offered us their no-longer-needed air conditioner.

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  • As strange as it seems, sometimes–just sometimes–I also feel thankful for the time I’m awake while others are asleep. There are so many things that, yes, make my head spin right now. I hope the best as your year starts, and I hope you’re able to take care of yourself!